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IT Mechanics Web Design

IT Mechanics Web Design

Our team draws on its international web hosting experience to provide our clients with the expertise and know-how essential to stay ahead in our ever-changing and challenging technological world.

Our experience is global encompassing well established contracts throughout North America, Europe and Australasia.

Potential clients can expect a flexible, dynamic and friendly service, built upon our staff’s wide experience and ICT skills. We can offer a comprehensive web hosting solution to you, to enhance and grow your company or business.

Your company’s first point of contact with customers will almost certainly be through your website. Trust IT-Mechanics to host your website and ensure that your first point of contact will be one which impresses future customers and represents the professional portrayal of your company that you would aspire to.

We are also pleased to offer private individuals the opportunity to share photos, blogs and other information with your friends, family or colleagues via our uniquely styled personal websites. Competitive rates make the utilization of an easily navigable website accessible to everyone at an affordable price.

"IT-Mechanics" has been in business for more than 6 years and has built a creative and extensive pool of expertise within its staff. We are proud of our reputation as THE premium Information and Communication Technology and Web Hosting provider on the Eastern Seaboard of Thailand.

Come in and visit our new premises, situated 100 metres from TUKCOM in Pattaya, and discuss your needs with our representatives. 

Our pledge is to offer you the finest service, utilizing the latest technology at affordable prices. Added to this, because we value your continuing custom and will always endeavour to provide top quality support in updating and monitoring your website.