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As a part of our Organic Search Engine Optimization Sevices, we help companies find the best solution for advertising on websites. no matter if you want to earn money from ads on your website, or want to spend money to get visitors to their website.

Google :
Google has been the marketleader for many years, Nearly 50% of all hits from Search Engine are from Google, and have the best known program for advertising on websites.

Google Adsense is a program for earning money by placing ads on your websites by using keyword related to the content of your websites, and you get payment from visitors to your websites clicking on these ads that is a link to another website. How much you get depense on the keyword that is using and how much advertisers want to pay through their PPC campaign.

Google Adwords is Googles PPC(Pay Per Click) campaign where you setup your own campaign, telling how many click(Visitors) you will pay for, and how much to pay.

Microsoft :
Microsoft has lauch a program for Microsoft network websites, such as MSN and Live Search Engines.

AdCenter where you set up your PPC campaign to attrack visitors from Microsoft network websites to your web site.

ContentAds, is Microsoft answer to Google Adsense. It is still in beta at the moment, so we will provide you with more information later.

Yahoo :
Yahoo answer is called Yahoo Search Marketing!

We help you to increase your business by :

Getting more visitors to your web site at a lower price.

Get better payment from ads on your web site