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Siam Internet Marketing has several SEO Link Building program available. Our small SEO Link Building bronze package get you on our way to build links that are so important for get top placement into Search Engines listings, for a higher PR Rank, for Alexa rank, and most important, it will drive more traffic to your website, and with more traffic, more sales.

Bronze Package Silver Package Gold Package
Setup Linking management program Setup Linking management program Setup Linking management program
Min. 25 contact to other websites Min. 40 contact to other websites Unlimited contact to other websites
Min. 15 two-way links Min. 25 two-way links 40 two-way links
No bad links Min. 5 Deep links Min. 10 Deep Links
Not same class C-IP No bad links No bad links
No No-Follow No No-Follow No No-Follow
Traffic increasing Not same class C-IP Not same class C-IP
Monthly link report Traffic increasing Traffic increasing
10 Directory Submission PR2/3 2 weeks link report Weekly link report
1 Article Submission 50 Directory Submission PR3/4 250 Directory Submission PR4/5
5 Social Bookmark Submission 2 Article Submission 5 Article Submission
  10 Social Bookmark Submission 30 Social Bookmark Submission
Pattaya Online SEO Bronze Package
Duration 1 Month Duration 3 Month Duration 6 Month
Price 4.500 THB Price 14.500 THB Price 28.500 THB
Payment Plan 100% on signing Payment Plan 50% on signing Payment Plan 50% on signing
      50% after 45 days   50% after 90 days